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How do I remove unwanted hair?

Should I do laser hair removal?  Will it hurt?  How does it work and will it hurt?  These are all important questions to ask before choosing a method that works best for you. Read full answer

What can I do to stay healthy?

Eating the right foods and the right amounts of food can help you live a longer, healthier life.  Research has proven that many illnesses – such as diabetes. Read full answer

Could you suggest a good diet?

Eating the rights foods is essential to your overall well being, but more importantly to recovering from trauma, and or illnesses. Read full answer

Are procedures covered by insurance?

Because this procedure is considered “cosmetic” by health insurance companies, insurance does not provide coverage. Read full answer

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Treat your nail fungus today! We provide a simple out-patient option with limited down time.

How do you treat Rosacea?

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