Microneedling for Acne Scarring

Microneedling for Acne Scarring

Why choose microneedling to repair scarring from acne?

We recently treated a 22 year old male (Fitzpatrick 5) for severe acne scarring using a microneedling technique with a topical triple peptide serum.  As you’ll see from the photos, there was significant surface repair to the damaged skin.  At a depth of 1MM, the microneedle penetrates the epidermis and produces small channels that allows direct access to the dermis.  

Why is depth of penetration important?

Deep microchannels provide 1000 times more product penetration which helps stimulate the fibroblasts within the dermis (important building blocks for cell regeneration) signaling the body’s natural repair mechanism to produce new collagen.  It’s important to note that microneedling should not be performed on active acne.  We have been treating acneic clients with a combination of topical acne fighting products and those are: Sebugel A, Sebuwash, and the B-Active range from industry leading environskincare.  

What does skin care product do for fighting acne?

Environ produces the finest ingredients that are medical grade in every fashion.  Their bacteria fighting products have powerful ingredients that target and break down the cellular DNA of the bacteria rendering them useless and eventually lead to cell death.  Additionally, their ingredients reduces sebaceous glands from overproducing sebum, helping to unclog the pores which store and harbor excess oils and more.

What kind of improvements should I see from microneedling?

Microneedling is the perfect method to deliver the medication to combat acne and repair damaged skin.  Through multiple treatments we expect at least a 50% improvement after 6 months of therapy.  The benefits of continuous microneedling will continue to stimulate healthy, more robust collagen, and leave behind a more balance complexion which leads to improved confidence and self esteem.  

Acne Scarring
Tattoo removal cost – How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

Tattoo removal cost – How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

Disclaimer: The before and after photos on this page are actual clients. Please note that results do vary and it’s always best to consult your physician with any and all concerns. CONSULTATIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE!

Tattoo removal cost, how much will it be to remove my tattoo? Removing a tattoo is not an easy process.  Many factors come into play when considering how much does it cost, and how many treatments will I need to remove my unwanted tattoo?  Unfortunately, there is no magic number, however.  With the advances in technology, removing a tattoo has never been easier.

The most used technique to remove a tattoo has been to use a laser.  Q-Switched lasers (nanosecond technology) were the gold standard for many years.  What is a nanosecond?  A nanosecond (q-switch laser) is one billionth of a second.  How does this apply to removing a tattoo and how does this effect tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo ink is dense and composed of many compounds; Black (carbon-iron oxide), Blue (cobalt aluminum), Green (chromic oxide, lead chromate, ferric cyanide, malachite grn, cur cumin grn), Red (mercury sulfide, cadmium selenide), Yellow (cadmium sulfide, ochre), Violet (magnesium violet), White (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide), Flesh Tone (iron oxides).

Freaky right? Had you known what they used to produce those vibrant and not-so-vibrant inks you’d have rethought your decision.  Luckily, most people don’t have adverse reactions to the various ink colors, however.  There are a select group of people that have allergies to Red compounds that could lead to anaphylaxis.  It’s some scary stuff, but I digress.

Using older technology like q-switch lasers to remove those colors was tricky.  Some colors require various wavelengths to interact with the ink.  That photothermal interaction is a heating process.  Essentially, q-switch lasers super heat a particle until it explodes into tiny pieces.  Lucky  for us we’re equipped with a magical system within our body called the lymphatic system.  This system takes those particles and flushes them out of our bodies through excretion.

The trouble of heating any tissue within the body is there are various risks to consider.  First, you can overheat tissue and cause discoloration, or even burning.  We all know what happens when you overheat something – it’s not good.

That’s how Q-Switch lasers work.  They heat ink.  If you’re lucky enough to find a practice skilled at recognizing the many facets of the tattoo removal process, most people see great results.  But!  There in lies the problem.  The more treatments needed will increase the tattoo removal cost.

Nanoseconds is fast, but not as fast as picoseconds.  A picosecond is one trillionth of a second!  That’s like blasting a bolder and turning it into tiny grains of sand.  How does that translate into tattoo removal?  Well, the smaller the particle, the easier the body can absorb and remove it from the tissue.

Picosecond lasers are the future.  They also use a photomechanical method to destroy ink, it’s like a pressure wave that levels the ink.  Think atomic bomb; the waves that travel from the bomb level anything in it’s path, but in skin, it leaves the precious tissue surrounding tattoo ink intact without harm.  Plus!  Since the ink is shattered into much smaller particles most people need half as many treatments!

Which brings me back to our original point, remember when the auto industry told us we needed to change our oil every 3 thousand miles? Think of all the money you spent following that old methodology.  Well, now cars are only requiring an oil change every 5-10 thousand miles!  That’s a huge savings.

So, how much does tattoo removal cost?  Remember, practitioners have no idea what needles, ink, depth of ink, or conditions that were used when the tattoo was applied, but expect to pay at least $150 per session or more.  Whenever someone asks me how much it costs, I ask them, “how bad do you want your tattoo removed?”

Personally, I would pay anything to have my bad tattoo removed.  Another important point to consider is the technology being used to remove your tattoo.  Most machines cost $100k or more.  They are not cheap.  They are highly sophisticated pieces of technology that help change people’s lives.

So, hopefully I’ve given you some insight into the tattoo removal process, and as always, please eMail Us, or call if you have any questions.



Donate – Community partnership committment

Donate – Community partnership committment

Hello friends,


For starters, let me begin by saying it’s a privilege to work in a state as great as Maine.  We have always felt a sense of pride living here, but as business owners we also believe we have a civic duty to help as many people as we can.  To that end, we are in the process of developing a program that will help cover the expenses of laser tattoo removal for the following groups: at risk/correction-transitioning teenagers, veterans with PTSD (war ink), rehabilitated convicts, military and law enforcement recruits.  


Many of you know I was labeled a “troubled” teen and often made poor choices, so I’ve had many redo’s in my lifetime.  With that being said, we believe people deserve a second chance.  Not that tattoos are bad, but speaking from personal experience, I know how stigmatizing tattoos are and how they influence employment opportunities.  Tattoos have often been associated with gang affiliations, haphazard lifestyles, and rebellion.  Law enforcement agencies, as well as all four military branches have policies that preclude recruits from enlisting if they have tattoos on their hands, face, or other “unacceptable” locations.  


Our position is to each their own, but the reality is those barriers present real challenges for many people.  It’s our understanding that some people join the military as an honor and willingness to serve their country.  Then there are those that need that option to improve their lives, to enrich their future, and to make a difference.  My belief is if you are willing to sacrifice your life for our country, you are a hero and selfless.


For us it’s an easy commitment to make for those people; we donate our services because we want to make a difference and support their efforts.  We want to give someone a second chance.  When I see a teenager who has tattoos covering their hands I think about their future.  I wonder what roadblocks will they encounter because of that choice?  It’s easier to pass judgement and say we must live with our choices, but we’re not “walking in their shoes.”   


What’s their story?  How did they end up where they are?  We believe they deserve a pathway to redemption, and if removing a tattoo helps them achieve that goal–gives them a second chance, then maybe we’ll have helped them become a better version of who they are–a better version of what they want for themselves.  


If you’re interested in helping, please direct message me, contact Learningworks, the Portland Police Department, The Opportunity Alliance, and let them know you want to help.  Let them know you’re ready to participate in anyway possible.  As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for the consideration.  


Love to all of my family and friends.  I hope this message finds you well.