How to treat Rosacea

First, we have to explain the many reasons why so many people suffer from “redness” of the face; rosacea.  Secondly, there are three types of rosacea that affect the skin. Lastly, if rosacea is not treated early the condition typically worsens over time.  Back to why people suffer from rosacea. There are many environmental as well as genetic factors that elevate the condition.  These causes are called “triggers.” Some of those causes are listed below:

Sun exposure

Emotional stress

Hot weather


Heavy exercise

Alcohol consumption

Hot baths

Cold weather

Spicy foods


Indoor heat

Certain fruits

And more…

There is much debate about the affects of the aforementioned triggers, however.  Being proactive in managing the condition is highly recommended.  Usually patients do nothing, or use topical cosmetic applications to cover the effected area.  It’s important to note that there is NO curative approach to treating rosacea.  However, there are many effective methods used today to dramatically reduce the side effects caused by the condition.

The use of Laser therapy is considered by many to be the most effective method available today.  The laser penetrates the skin targeting the capillaries with are rich with oxy-hemoglobin deep within the dermis.  The heat that is generated by the laser damages the cells, which are then absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system.  The repeated method gradually reduces the redness and removes the formation of additional capillaries.  Another method of removal is done through photorejuvenation.

Fortunately, there are practitioners who are experienced managing this sometimes-embarrassing condition.  Finally, it’s important to explore all options before committing to whatever treatment you choose.






Dr. Amato Polselli