Have you considered Botox injection to prevent wrinkles?


“Preventing” wrinkles is slowly becoming one of the top reasons people say during a consultation for Botox injections.  Oddly, most people don’t know how effective injectables can be to slow the aging process.  Many people want a “quick fix” and prefer the immediate results of Botox compared to over-the-counter products and at home care lille derma-rolling.  


We’ve had people ask if cosmetic intervention really trumps addressing lifestyle choices (sun exposure, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, environmental…)?  Can Botox really make that much of a difference in my skins appearance?  The short answer is yes!  Botox is effective at relaxing the many muscle under the skin, producing even skin, and often allowing the skin to become more receptive to treatments like laser resurfacing, laser rejuvenation, and more.  


As Portland, Maine becomes more diverse and attracts a younger demographic, the need and or desire to stay competitive in the workplace increases the chances many more people will seek ways to stave off the eventual aging process.  Looking young is and has been a motivational challenge for Maine’s aging population.  The old saying (no pun intended), “if you look good you feel good,” isn’t’ enough.  The potential to keep and stay relevant in the workplace often hinges on esthetics…and performance of course.   


We’re not discounting experience over appearance, studies support looks make a difference.  People’s esthetics matters and we’re hearing it time-and-time-again.  “What brings you in today?”  I’m trying to stay and look young!  We hear you.  Vanity is a thing of the past.  No longer is Botox a “hush-hush” procedure.  In fact, the data and overall public acceptance has shifted with a tectonic force.  


Keeping up with the Kardashians is a prime example of our infatuation with looking good.  Rated as the number one show in it’s time slot, and E!’s cash cow, advertisers line up to pitch their respective product or service to a growing group of cosmetically inclined viewers.  What does that mean?  The trend has been set and the public has readily embraced the many forms of anti-aging techniques…the good AND the bad to embrace the once unattainable fountain of youth.   


So, what does Botox offer that a good old fashioned strict diet, sun avoidance, and exercise can’t achieve?  Instant results!  Happy injecting.  

Christopher May
Dr. Amato Polselli